Beyond Shut The Fuck Up

Beyond Shut The Fuck Up

I've been asked to say more than just, "Shut the Fuck Up" to the deniers, those crying hoax, the lazy boy epidemiologist, the google virologist, the Fox News and CNN watching economist and the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists.

I want to do this but first I have to say that it's felt really good for some of us to finally get that off our chest.

To everyone who supported me and shared the love, I thank you and I'm with you.

We, nurses, put up with a lot of BS on the daily.

We are verbally and physically abused by patients all the time and most of the time we don't even report it.

We should report it but it's so prolific and the paperwork takes so long and our patients need us so we just deal with it.

That being said, It takes a lot to upset us as a whole.

When doctors, nurses, and other people in healthcare are speaking out because they are fed up, please listen.

We don't do this on this scale very often. Almost never.

I was asked to share what we can do to improve our immune system to protect ourselves against #covid19.

Here's the honest truth...

I can't speak to how to boost your immune system specifically for #coronavirus because no one knows anything more than what we all already know about how to stay healthy.

Exercise, good nutrition, and stress reduction measures including getting enough high-quality sleep are undeniably important.

Here's what we know beyond what we already knew before the pandemic.

The best offense is a good defense in the case of this #novelcoronavirus so let's start there.

Mitigation: Ways to prevent transmission of #sarscov2 are clearly stated on the WHO website.

I won't list them here because they may change over time.

Check-in often.

Please visit the website and watch the videos.

Check your local government website for details specific to your area.

The next thing we know since all hell has broken loose is that this doesn't affect everyone equally.

Risk Factors: The next important thing is to know if you are at high risk and need to take extra precautions.

It seems as if most of the research on risk factor variables are pointing towards fixed demographic and physiologic variables rather than modifiable lifestyle factors.

Here's a list of these factors that put you at higher risk. You may want to check with your doctor to see if you have any of these problems.

Some of these factors like hypertension, obesity, and type 2 diabetes take a long time to fix by changing lifestyle behaviors so if these are a concern, now is the time to make a plan with your doctor or find a doctor.

Coronavirus isn't going away any time soon.

Science is still in the process of learning about this virus and very little of it is conclusive which is one of the reasons I'm saying Shut the Fuck Up so much.

People don't understand that all of the studies coming out about antibodies and treatments and demographics are very preliminary and part of a bigger process that takes a long time.

The news is quick to share the latest studies because, if they don't someone else will, and they get paid when the more people are watching.

How many times they have come back and said that a particular study was shown to be wrong is sickening.

They know better.

It doesn't matter what network you watch, everyone is getting confused as fuck because they don't understand the bigger context.

Science takes time.

I guess the kinder more PC way to say STFU would be, "Please be patient while the scientists do their fucking job so that grandma has a fighting chance in this."

Nope, I can't do it. I'm not here to be nice, I'm here to get a message out.

Since nobody listened when I was professional and proper this is what you get.

Sorry, I got sidetracked...

One interesting question being asked is why men are more susceptible than women and the answer may lead us to a significant modifiable lifestyle change.

Are men more susceptible because of something related to the Y chromosome or are men are more likely to engage in certain lifestyle-related factors that put them at risk?

If I could start a conversation that could lead you to a choice you could make that would make an impact, I would say stop smoking and vaping.

The magnitude of the effect on your immune system by quitting smoking will be many orders greater than looking for a pill, extract, or magic potion.

Smoking is the one obvious lifestyle choice that increases your risk of not only contracting COVID-19 but also needing a higher level of care to survive the illness.

See the link below and talk to your doctor for more on this.

Believe me, I wish I could tell you that echinacea, oil of oregano, essential oils, or colloidal silver would have some incredible effect on immunity but as far as I know, the evidence is so weak for herbal remedies overall they are not worth mentioning.

This is why I'm very skeptical of anyone marketing a cure in a bottle to the general public. It's always something new, isn't it?

The best thing we can do right now is to stick with the age-old tried and true methods to stay healthy along with following the guidelines on distancing, hygiene, and PPE.

Stay safe and remember folks, a pandemic briefing is not the right time for sarcasm, especially when it comes to a potential cure to the disease so many people are afraid of.

Health, Love, and Solidarity,


Nurse Eric


  1. You are a demented sick nurse Nazi. You fascists seek to force people to wear masks force muzzle opposition,deny protest , economically ruin peoples lives while you have secure job. them to be socially distant from other people you are the brutal authoritarians s of the era more evil than SS Nazi guards with your scrubs. Your scrubs are going to be down in history as a new Brown Shirts. You are Fascist totalitarianism seek to deny these people civil liberties and freedoms through your lies and hoaxes of fake viruses that you work with China to destroy this country. Your own country you scumbag nurse untrustworthy profession dirt wad.

    1. Secure job? Really? Nurses are getting sick and DYING after having to treat morons like you, who clog up ICUs all over our huge country full of even more morons. Normally, I respect the wishes of people who are intent on throwing their lives away, that's a personal decision. However, no one has the right to run around and infect OTHER people. It's a shame that some people like yourself won't get this until someone in your family is dead, but the way things are going, it will happen soon.

  2. I'm pretty sure these sad-ass bullies live in their mother's basement and just don't have anything better to do, except bully others, eat Cheetos, and jack off.

    Keep doingwdoing you're doing and thank you!


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