Zero Apologies

I will give zero apologies for what I'm about to say because while we're busy working to save people's lives we're also growing really concerned about the conspiracy theory BS that's seeming to become a bigger problem than #covid19. We don't have time while we're working to save lives to also be on social media explaining, with the depth of knowledge most of us have acquired over years and decades, how to understand with scrutiny the science of everything that's happening right now and why the science is so important. So, if you don't know how to keep a #SARSCoV2  patient alive and you're posting your opinion on vaccines, population control, Bill Gates, shutdown hoax, deep state, your personal liberty to go out in public without a mask or whatever bullshit crap fake news is about to come next let me just say this... The heath care professionals I know, including myself,  give the SAME  high quality heart and soul, brains and brawn, care to the victim and the drunk driver. We WILL fight for your life if you end up on life support whether you got #coronavirus accidentally or because your dumb ass went out to protest the lockdown without a mask. So, have a little respect and know that if you don't know what the fuck you're talking about it's okay to just shut the fuck up right NOW. This is not a joke. 
When I share this on FB it went viral. I can't keep up.


  1. Hey, Fake Nurse, I see you have a habit of blocking people that produce multiple evidence that counters your narrative. How intellectual of you. You can't argue with facts so you block and hide the truth. Please tell me again your sob story of a supposedly dying coronavirus patient. Maybe I should lie calling myself a nurse and come up with fake stories.

    1. Says the biggest a fool out there. Climb back under the rock from which you came. I'm sure he blocked all the idiots out there that don't know Jack and want to try to pretend like they know something.You'd never make it a day in Nursing School anonymous and your stupid comment proves that. -Signed Another Fed Up RN

  2. Thank you Eric, for saying the words that i have felt for a while now.

    I feel visceral pain when i encounter fake theories on social media.

    I'm hurt by the distrust.
    I see my colleagues make sacrifices from shaving their beards, to abrasions from PPE, to having to move from their homes to protect vulnerable loved ones, to making the ultimate sacrifice.

    Thank you.
    I'm sure many thank you for your work.
    But as a fellow nurse, i thank you for your words.

  3. Nurse Eric, who is paying you? Do you feel no guilt? So you would want your kids taken from you and given forced untrialled vaccines. Very sad. 500 doctors in Germany do not agree with you and when the truth comes out you will have to delete everything because you will look like an idiot


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