An Uncomfortable COVID 19 Truth in Arizona

The truth is sometimes uncomfortable. 

So be it.

I've adapted a message created by a fellow nurse that had to be taken down because they were receiving threats. 

It needs to be shared especially now since our numbers are spiking in Arizona.

I've pixelated the photo because a group of people has turned their anger on those of us who tell our truth about what we see on the front lines.

To all of you who are supporting us by following the CDC and WHO guidelines, Thank You!

Love Health and Solidarity ♥️😷✊🏻

Nurse Eric

Here it goes...



Welcome to our ICU. 

Now that Arizona has royally failed in efforts for a safe reopening and you all are out exercising your constitutional rights to spread COVID I just wanted to introduce you to the welcoming crew. 

(Not pictured are our amazing RT and lines team)

We have your badass intensivist that will elegantly put a central line in your jugular vein while we briskly work to get you hooked up to all the monitors and such. 

This is all done while you are struggling to breathe even though you are intubated. 

We can't sedate you adequately because your blood pressure is too low despite all the drips we have you on but we can paralyze you. 

Being paralyzed and awake is the things horror movies are made of. 

Our awesome respiratory therapists will draw blood gasses and make changes to the vent to try to get your oxygen sats above 60% so the color of your skin can go from the dusky blue gray you currently are to a pale pink. 

Your family won't be with you. 

You will be paralyzed and alone. 

We hate this part because we believe patients and their family should be together but...

Too much risk to everyone else as they are likely positive too. 

We will have 4 to 6 nurses in the room 2 outside (to listen for our other patients and grab us stuff and run pumps and vents that are just outside your door) and an RT to manually flip you on your face in hopes that you can better oxygenate your inflamed oxygen deprived lungs and body.

Hopefully we can get your blood pressure up so we can sedate you adequately so you won't know how awful all of this is and also so your kidneys don't shut down. 

Because that means another line in your other jugular vein (this line is huge) so we can dialize you and clean your acidotic blood and save your kidneys from permanent damage. 

We may also start you on blood thinners so you don't have a stroke. 

And we WILL do ALL the things. 

And so it goes, on and on. 

For days/weeks. 

Some of you will get better. 

Some won't. 

Some will have a lifetime of deficits and new cardiac and lung issues.

Some of your families will have to say goodbye for the last time via face time. 

Your nurses will cry with your family and later in your car on the way home because we know how hard you fought this last few weeks. 

And how hard we fought for you.

So, welcome to Covid Island! We will take care of you regardless of your political beliefs or selfish choices. 

You will get the same care that the stroke or heart attack or trauma will get. 

We don't discriminate or judge, you are all welcome in our house.

See you soon Arizona!

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