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Nurse Eric -Bedside Skills - Implementing A Fluid Restriction

Nurse Eric - Bedside Skills Implementing A Fluid Restriction 

Introduction"How can you allow me to become dehydrated like this? I feel like you are trying to kill me. I need water."

Have you ever been a patient and felt like this? Have you ever had a patient who's said something like this? Has a family member ever accused you of being a criminal for withholding water from their loved one? Are you looking for a better way to manage a fluid restriction? Let's do this!

Often Nurses have a patient with a fluid restriction (FR). With the fast pace of nursing care, and hearing out many unhappy, thirsty patients, I've noticed an opportunity for improvement. Let's get into it.

SBAR Summary
Situation - Patients often feel frustrated when a doctor orders a fluid restriction, especially later in the day when they have already consumed all or most of their daily limitations. In a situation of poor planning or implementation, patients can become frustrated and nurses are fac…

Fast Club - Community Motivation for Your Fasting Lifestyle

Fast Club - Community Motivation for Your Fasting Lifestyle

We started a group in 2017 for people who wanted a safe judgment free zone to learn and grow in their fasting and intermittent fasting focused lifestyle. Please feel free to check is out at

The Eat Deplete Repeat Manifesto

Eat. Deplete. Repeat. The Manifesto By Eric Sartori This is dedicated to you and all of my friends in the timed eating, intermittent fasting, prolonged fasting and ketogenic community who have yet to reach your goal but refuse to give up. Your tenacity inspires me. May this new process deliver to you hope and the results your hard work deserves. Cheers!
These are my results from practicing EDR for 3 months straight with minimal deviation from the practice guidelines.
DisclaimerThis is not a complete user guide for the process it outlines. The manifesto identifies who I believe will benefit from this method, the struggles we face with current weight loss, ketogenic and intermittent fasting protocols and my experience with Eat Deplete Repeat (EDR) so far. This will be a living document and revised as necessary. At the time that I began self-experimentation and at the present time and after speaking with many people in the timed eating (TE), time-restricted feeding (TRF), intermittent fastin…