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Plenty of Science to Support Masks to Slow the Spread of COVID 19

Plenty of Science to Support Masks to Slow the Spread of COVID 19

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the science behind the wisdom of the recommendation to wear cloth face coverings or other appropriate masks when social distancing is not possible during a pandemic like COVID 19 where the disease is spread through respiratory droplets.
The wisdom is derived from two main concepts; 1. Asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread are significant sources of spread of COVID 19 and; 2. Cloth face masks safely provide a significant level of protection from respiratory droplets thereby reducing the spread. 

Asymptomatic Spread; Viral Load; Contact Tracing
Rothe C, Schunk M, Sothmann P, et al. Transmission of 2019-nCoV Infection from an Asymptomatic Contact in Germany. The New England journal of medicine. 2020;382(10):970-971. PMID: 32003551external icon
Asymptomatic Viral Load
Zou L, Ruan F, Huang M, et al. SARS-CoV-2 Viral Load in Upper Respiratory S…

An Uncomfortable COVID 19 Truth in Arizona

The truth is sometimes uncomfortable. 
So be it.
I've adapted a message created by a fellow nurse that had to be taken down because they were receiving threats. 
It needs to be shared especially now since our numbers are spiking in Arizona.
I've pixelated the photo because a group of people has turned their anger on those of us who tell our truth about what we see on the front lines.
To all of you who are supporting us by following the CDC and WHO guidelines, Thank You!
Love Health and Solidarity ♥️😷✊🏻
Nurse Eric
Here it goes...
Welcome to our ICU. 
Now that Arizona has royally failed in efforts for a safe reopening and you all are out exercising your constitutional rights to spread COVID I just wanted to introduce you to the welcoming crew. 
(Not pictured are our amazing RT and lines team)
We have your badass intensivist that will elegantly put a central line in your jugular vein while we briskly work to …

Dear Mom - A commentary on the Candice Owen video attacking George Floyd

Dear Mom,

I know this looks convincing and legit because Candice Owens is black, articulate, passionate and it looks like she did her research because she brings "facts" to the argument but I have some concerns I'd like you to take into consideration. #candiceowens

First, let me start by saying that I consider myself a good listener.

As a nurse, I actively work to identify when my biases are influencing the way I assess things so I've developed a number of ways to evaluate situations that allow me to take a step back and see reality as objectively as possible.

I have worked to understand logic and fallacies in debate, I've learned how to interpret statistics in my nursing courses and I study body language because as a nurse, sometimes people lie to me and knowing whether to be cautious with the information I gather can be really helpful in developing a solid plan of care.

So, just so you know, I watched the whole thing with an open mind twice and I have some thoughts …

Together We Rise

Together We Rise! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
America doesn't give up on a fight!

We don't give up fighting for your loved ones. Your loved ones are our loved ones. Your love is in our hearts as we fight because together we rise.
We don't give up fighting for our own healthcare workers who are dying. We feel hopeless, afraid and filled with a sadness we've never felt before but we continue to fight so together we can rise.
We don't give up fighting for the anti-vaxers, the anti-maskers and the COVID-19 deniers. You are the traitors in this fight. As you spit in our faces we save you because we are better than you. You can keep trying to divide us but we are smarter than you and will never stop working together because together we rise.
We don't give up fighting for the homeless, nameless and alone. We search for your family and friends. You may not have had anybody before but now you have us and together we rise.
We don't give up fighting because of the color of your skin, your comorbi…

Beyond Shut The Fuck Up

Beyond Shut The Fuck Up
I've been asked to say more than just, "Shut the Fuck Up" to the deniers, those crying hoax, the lazy boy epidemiologist, the google virologist, the Fox News and CNN watching economist and the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists.
I want to do this but first I have to say that it's felt really good for some of us to finally get that off our chest.
To everyone who supported me and shared the love, I thank you and I'm with you.
We, nurses, put up with a lot of BS on the daily.
We are verbally and physically abused by patients all the time and most of the time we don't even report it.
We should report it but it's so prolific and the paperwork takes so long and our patients need us so we just deal with it.
That being said, It takes a lot to upset us as a whole.
When doctors, nurses, and other people in healthcare are speaking out because they are fed up, please listen.
We don't do this on this scale very often. Almost never.
I was asked to shar…