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Frank's Sign

Frank's Sign - The diagonal earlobe crease as a predictor of heart disease and stroke. by Nurse Eric This article is intended for educational purposes only. Introduction Since starting my career as a nurse in 2012 I've been intrigued by the bedside physical assessment signs that point to inward disease because I believe that a nurse who can identify problems before they become deadly can save lives.  Here's a link to a video I made telling the story of how I learned about Frank's Sign. Take a look at this comment I received on this video about Frank's Sign. I think it's incredible that someone followed through to get a CT scan because of what they saw in their earlobes. Look at what it said. It's good he followed through. Frank's sign is one of those outward signs that can point to some big problems. Think of it like the canary in the coal mine. Poor canaries!  Coronary Artery