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Four Big Problems with the Stanford Antibody Study

Four Big Problems with the Stanford Antibody Study Re:  COVID-19 Antibody Seroprevalence in Santa Clara County, California Eric Sartori RN Here's a link to the study if you want to follow along. Check out these sexy headlines "Way more people may have gotten coronavirus than we thought, small antibody study suggests."  -  "Antibody tests suggest that coronavirus infections vastly exceed official counts"  - "Far more people may have been infected by coronavirus in one California county, study estimates"  - Are you curious about these headlines like me? If you are reading this you may be wondering about the Stanford Antibody Study. Maybe like me you think something seems a bit off. I work in a COVID unit so I'm constantly watching the numbers. I'm not a research expert but as a nurse I've received a bit of educa

The Story of Our Arcadia Chickens

The Story of Our Arcadia Chickens 3/30/2020 - We've recently adopted two baby chicks who have a very interesting story. They are from the famous Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona. To start their story I'll share what is copied, word for word, from the text messages I received from the chick rescuers in the story: "I'm so sorry!! I love these so much!! Thank you!!!  So here's the stories to the best I can!  DISCLOSURE: all chickens in this story are Arcadia chickens who are in the neighborhood of 36th st & Flower. These are wild chickens who live in the trees and bushes of the neighborhood.  Tilly: Tilly's mom was Penguin who showed up one morning in the yard with 10 adorable chicklets. We fed them pecans, apples, and other vegetables for the first two days.  On day 3, we counted the chicklets to make sure all 10 were accounted for and on March 22 realized that there were now