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Beyond Shut The Fuck Up

Beyond Shut The Fuck Up
I've been asked to say more than just, "Shut the Fuck Up" to the deniers, those crying hoax, the lazy boy epidemiologist, the google virologist, the Fox News and CNN watching economist and the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists.
I want to do this but first I have to say that it's felt really good for some of us to finally get that off our chest.
To everyone who supported me and shared the love, I thank you and I'm with you.
We, nurses, put up with a lot of BS on the daily.
We are verbally and physically abused by patients all the time and most of the time we don't even report it.
We should report it but it's so prolific and the paperwork takes so long and our patients need us so we just deal with it.
That being said, It takes a lot to upset us as a whole.
When doctors, nurses, and other people in healthcare are speaking out because they are fed up, please listen.
We don't do this on this scale very often. Almost never.
I was asked to shar…

Zero Apologies

I will give zero apologies for what I'm about to say because while we're busy working to save people's lives we're also growing really concerned about the conspiracy theory BS that's seeming to become a bigger problem than #covid19. We don't have time while we're working to save lives to also be on social media explaining, with the depth of knowledge most of us have acquired over years and decades, how to understand with scrutiny the science of everything that's happening right now and why the science is so important. So, if you don't know how to keep a #SARSCoV2  patient alive and you're posting your opinion on vaccines, population control, Bill Gates, shutdown hoax, deep state, your personal liberty to go out in public without a mask or whatever bullshit crap fake news is about to come next let me just say this... The heath care professionals I know, including myself,  give the SAME  high quality heart and soul, brains and brawn, care to the v…

Four Big Problems with the Stanford Antibody Study

Four Big Problems with the Stanford Antibody StudyRe: COVID-19 Antibody Seroprevalence in Santa Clara County, CaliforniaEric Sartori RN
Here's a link to the study if you want to follow along.

Check out these sexy headlines"Way more people may have gotten coronavirus than we thought, small antibody study suggests." - 

"Antibody tests suggest that coronavirus infections vastly exceed official counts" 

"Far more people may have been infected by coronavirus in one California county, study estimates" -
Are you curious about these headlines like me?
If you are reading this you may be wondering about the Stanford Antibody Study. Maybe like me you think something seems a bit off. I work in a COVID unit so I'm constantly watching the numbers. I'm not a research expert but as a nurse I've received a bit of education on how research is conducted. I…

The Story of Our Arcadia Chickens

The Story of Our Arcadia Chickens
3/30/2020 - We've recently adopted two baby chicks who have a very interesting story. They are from the famous Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona. To start their story I'll share what is copied, word for word, from the text messages I received from the chick rescuers in the story:

"I'm so sorry!! I love these so much!! Thank you!!!  So here's the stories to the best I can! 
DISCLOSURE: all chickens in this story are Arcadia chickens who are in the neighborhood of 36th st & Flower. These are wild chickens who live in the trees and bushes of the neighborhood. 
Tilly: Tilly's mom was Penguin who showed up one morning in the yard with 10 adorable chicklets. We fed them pecans, apples, and other vegetables for the first two days.  On day 3, we counted the chicklets to make sure all 10 were accounted for and on March 22 realized that there were now 11! We assumed that this meant this baby hatched later than the others.  W…