The Story of Our Arcadia Chickens

The Story of Our Arcadia Chickens

3/30/2020 - We've recently adopted two baby chicks who have a very interesting story. They are from the famous Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona. To start their story I'll share what is copied, word for word, from the text messages I received from the chick rescuers in the story:

"I'm so sorry!! I love these so much!! Thank you!!!  So here's the stories to the best I can! 

DISCLOSURE: all chickens in this story are Arcadia chickens who are in the neighborhood of 36th st & Flower. These are wild chickens who live in the trees and bushes of the neighborhood. 

Tilly: Tilly's mom was Penguin who showed up one morning in the yard with 10 adorable chicklets. We fed them pecans, apples, and other vegetables for the first two days.  On day 3, we counted the chicklets to make sure all 10 were accounted for and on March 22 realized that there were now 11! We assumed that this meant this baby hatched later than the others.  We had kept an eye on this one for the day as it struggled to keep up with the others.  Later that evening the neighbor brought the chicklet to us sharing that the roosters of the neighborhood began to pick on it.  Naturally, we couldn’t let that happen so we took it under our care.  We named this one Tilly and it lived in our bathroom with a space heater. Knowing that it was still a chicken, we tried to put it with it’s siblings the next day but it wasn’t accepted.  We continued to take care of this chicken knowing it needed to live. Daniel each day was going outside in the yard and digging up worms for it to eat in supplement of the pecans. 

* 3 Days Later 

Corona : Sol Bandido (mother of Penguin) who was living on Daniels back porch finally showed off her chicks that was a group of 7. These were a beautiful group all more yellow and light colors. All of these chicks seemed to be doing great.  Later that evening when we got back home, we found two chicks sitting near the front door of the house, momma hen nowhere around. Similar to Tilly, we didn’t have the heart to leave them outside so we brought them inside.  Upon bringing them in, the yellow chick (Jenny, RIP) appeared to be attacked and was bloody at her neck. We are unsure if this was from a cat or a chicken.  Daniel cleaned her up and they were three in the shower. 

Their story:
All 3 chicks were being fed worms and pecans from Daniel. When we tried to put Corona and Jenny back with their mom (Sol) she would attack them. When we would be in the yard with them and they’d chirp, Sol would come at us almost because we took them from their mom.  Corona got its name because when we would take them for worms it would run so far away. Corona is a strong chicklet and assumed it was left behind as it was with Jenny. On Friday, Corona and Tilly were strong and becoming best buds. Unfortunately Jenny became more weak and didn’t make it ❤️

We on Friday night transitioned Corona and Tilly outside with a space heater to keep warm. They are the best of friends and learning from each other. Now, they are yours to raise!"

3/31/2020 - Our kids love these chicks! 😍

They are enjoying worms from our worm bins, seeds and lettuce from the garden. the kids are always sure to pull up some extra grass expecting the chicks to gobble it up.

I have a couple videos to insert here... 

4/3/2020 - The bulb went out on our heat lamp but Tilly and Corona survived the night. 

We're not sure what time it happened. We're just glad everything turned out okay.

Corona and Tilly hanging in there. 


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