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An Uncomfortable COVID 19 Truth in Arizona

The truth is sometimes uncomfortable.  So be it. I've adapted a message created by a fellow nurse that had to be taken down because they were receiving threats.  It needs to be shared especially now since our numbers are spiking in Arizona. I've pixelated the photo because a group of people has turned their anger on those of us who tell our truth about what we see on the front lines. To all of you who are supporting us by following the CDC and WHO guidelines, Thank You! Love Health and Solidarity ♥️😷✊🏻 Nurse Eric Here it goes... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello!  Welcome to our ICU.  Now that Arizona has royally failed in efforts for a safe reopening and you all are out exercising your constitutional rights to spread COVID I just wanted to introduce you to the welcoming crew.  (Not pictured are our amazing RT and lines team) We have your badass intensivist that will elegantly put a central line in your jugular vein