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Love Wins

True story:  My patient was a young family man who was very afraid about what had happened to him.  We went down for a scan and he was terrified.  Visibly emotional, he asked if anyone was a Christian who could pray for him out loud.  One person said they were and said they were praying for him silently.  He kept asking for someone to put hands on him and pray out loud.  This seemed to make everyone in the room initially uncomfortable.  I'm pretty sure I was the only ex Evangelical Christian turned Humanist Atheists in the room.   That being said, I saw my role as nurse to care for my patient.  I put my hand over his heart and said, "Dear heavenly father, (patient name can't be disclosed per HIPAA) is very anxious about this scan. Please help him overcome his anxiety, give him peace and help him to be brave right now. Give him a positive outcome to the scan so that he will be able to return to his wife and children who love him and miss him dearly. In your name